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Dance HIIT Workout to “Believer” (Imagine Dragons) – Fit Body Beats by Trainer LJ [VIDEO]



I hope I didn't scare you away with that word. The burpee really is such a great move that burns fat and tones your entire body!

Try getting your burpees in the fun(ish) way with this workout routine to "Believer" by Imagine Dragons. Part of my Fit Body Beats series, this dance HIIT workout features push up burpees, squat twists, and a little dance cardio to even it all out.

Add it to your current routine, or do multiple rounds for a great full workout! Give it a try and drop a comment telling me what you think...or what song you want a routine to next!

If you like Zumba and dance fitness but want more HIIT, strength training, and toning, Fit Body Beats is for you!

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CLICK TO OPEN IN YOUTUBE >> Dance HIIT Workout to "Believer" (Imagine Dragons) - Fit Body Beats by Trainer LJ

dance hiit burpee workout video to believer imagine dragons

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