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“Filthy” (Justin Timberlake) Fit Body Beats Workout | HIIT Dance Fitness Zumba Full Body Burn

Burn major calories, boost metabolism, and build strength with this epic HIIT dance fitness full body workout to "Filthy" by Justin Timberlake!


Okay, so this song is just...strange. Whether you love it or hate it (I'm not quite sure yet myself), you have to admit it has a catchy beat to move to, so I made this routine for ya. It has everrrrrything - cardio, HIIT (high-intensity interval training), and bodyweight strength training. Your legs, core, and arms will buuuurn with this one!

Do multiple rounds for a full bodyweight workout, or combine with other Fit Body Beats routines for a fun and varied sweat session.

Featured exercises: Side knee lift, run in place, sumo squat pump, plank challenge / plank variations (plank, plank jacks, push ups, kick through plank), pop squats, Zumba type dance moves.

CLICK TO OPEN IN YOUTUBE >> Fit Body Beats Workout to "Filthy" (Justin Timberlake) | HIIT Dance Fitness Zumba | Full Body Burn


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